CEU Wifi, CEU VPN and printing

The CEU Library provides access to many paid online databases, journals and e-books. To access them with your own device on campus, please, use the CEU wifi network. To access library resources off-campus, please use the VPN by installing the AnyConnect client. If you would like to print from your device, follow these instructions about printing from your laptop.

Springer Nature’s transformative journals

Berlin’s Springer Nature reports that open-access articles in transformative journals were used, on average, 2.8 times more than subscription articles in the same journals. Transformative journals were previously entirely subscription based but they now offer an open-access model and they will hopefully become fully open-access over time.

IEA energy data via OECD iLibrary

Access International Energy Agency data via the OECD iLibrary. Browse Statistics to find data on CO2 emissions from fuel combustion, coal data, electricity data, energy prices and taxation, energy technology R&D, forecasts, natural gas data, oil data, renewables data, world energy statistics and balances.

Bloomsbury History: Theory and Method

Bloomsbury History: Theory and Method contains 100 exclusive articles written by authors from 25 different countries across five continents and a major reference work on the global history of historiography along with 60+ academic eBooks. New content will be added each year.

Video tutorials on Zotero and more

Research tip: if you want to learn quickly about Zotero, a free and open source research software, VPN access, search strategy in databases or in Google Scholar, etc. you can watch our short videos.


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