Library catalog help

Where and how to find a book

Sample Catalog Record for a Book

Sample screen for a book in the catalog.

When you look at the record of a book, you should always check four things:

    tells you where the book actually is (Reading Hall (I,II,III) /General Coll., Stacks/General Coll. etc. )
  • CALL NO.
    tells you the book’s address on the shelf (e.g.: 891.7 ZAM, K5302.F73 2005)
    loan (14 days), loan (30 days), no loan etc.
    tells you if someone is borrowing the book

Notes: “Reading Hall” location means that you can go to the open shelves and collect the book yourself. “Stacks” location means that you have to make a stack request to get your book. “ELTE Medieval Dept.” location means that the book is in the CEU-ELTE Medieval Library. You can either place an interlibrary loan or join their library on your own. If the book is out to someone else you can put an online hold on the item to ensure that you will be in line to receive it.

Call numbers

The monographs are classified and arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System and, in the case of Reference, Legal and Environmental materials, according to the Library of Congress Classification System.

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