Borrowing, renewals, and more

General library rules

  • Library users and staff will interact with mutual respect and consideration.
  • All Library users must acknowledge and observe the Library Rules and Policies.
  • All library patrons are also expected to comply with the CEU Library Copyright/Fair Use Guidelines and adhere to the CEU Code of Ethics.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • check out library materials at the Information Desk
  • treat library items and facilities with respect, do not mark library documents
  • leave bags or coats in lockers or in the cloak room
  • use cellular phones outside the Library
  • consume food outside the Library
  • drink only bottled water or other beverages in non-spill containers in the Library
  • use your CEU ID card or Library External Member Card to enter the Library
  • show all printed materials and personal possessions to the Security Guard upon the Guard’s request

Repeated noncompliance with these guidelines may result in the loss of Library privileges.

Download a PDF copy of the Library Rules and Policies.


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