Use of Library Space

What you need to know

Library environment for study and research

The CEU Library is committed to providing an environment that is free of distraction and preserves patron privacy. We adhere to international standards that support the uninhibited access to information as reflected in the IFLA Statement on Libraries and Intellectual Freedom, including: 

  • the freedom to do research without being disturbed
  • the right to personal privacy and anonymity

Tours and visiting the Libraries

Library staff are available to give academic tours that respect the Library’s dedication to maintaining a quality study and research environment.

We strictly discourage large group tours during busy periods of the term and busy times of the day. We need to plan your visit with a library staff member as a guide. This may entail giving an overview in a classroom setting rather than touring all floors of the Library.

CEU departments/units/external members can request an academic tour or information session.

CEU departments/units/members that would like to bring a small number of visitors (5 or less) including visiting dignitaries to tour the Libraries, or want to make enquiries about larger groups of external visitors, should contact the Library Director’s Office.

By pre-arranged appointment, a member of the Library staff will be happy to accompany all such groups.

Filming and photography

CEU offices and/or individuals who wish to film or photograph within the Library must obtain the explicit permission of the Library Director. Filming and photo shoots in any of the reading rooms may take place outside Library opening hours with prior arrangement as Library and Security staff must be available.

In extraordinary circumstances, these activities may be permitted in the early morning during slow times of year, by prior arrangement, and with Library staff in attendance.

Small projects, like a staged photo shoot of a specific library workspace, that will not disturb library users will be considered as we strive to ensure balancing the primary purpose of the Library with other uses.

CEU “Guidelines for Filming and Photographing” must be followed at all times.