External members

Library membership for researchers external to CEU

External membership

The Library grants external membership to students from other educational institutions with similar curricula as well as to other researchers not affiliated with CEU who require the use of the CEU Library collections for their scholarly research. For membership requests and membership renewals, a letter of recommendation must be submitted with the application indicating why the CEU Library collections are necessary for their work.

Memberships are granted for a set time period. Registration is free of charge, however external members must cover the cost of producing the membership card (1000 HUF).

External members are entitled to use all the services of the Library, but do not have borrowing privileges or access to Interlibrary Loan services. Using laptops or public library PCs, external members can connect to most of the licensed databases from the Library.

The recommendation letters must:

  • indicate the affiliation of both referrer and the referee,*
  • clearly state the purpose the person needs to use the collections of the CEU Library,
  • indicate the duration of the visit,
  • be written on an official letterhead or be stamped,
  • be signed and dated within 30 days from the date submitted,
  • include a phone number or e-mail address of the referrer,

Submit your membership form.
Your request will be reviewed within 3 days. When you submit your recommendation letter you will also be asked to fill out a registration form. By submitting the form you will prove that you have read and accepted the Library rules and cover the cost of producing the membership card itself (1000 HUF). If you have any question please call for information the 327-3099 or send an e-mail to contactLibrary@ceu.edu.

CEU Library reserves the right to withdraw membership from offenders of its rules.

* Please note that students of other universities are not automatically accepted; therefore, a certificate of being a student or a letter signed by the admission officers are not accepted as a letter of recommendation.


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