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In 2022, the CEU Library monograph collection consists of nearly 225,000 e-books and 180,000 print volumes.  The collection is predominantly English-language (85%),  5% each German and Russian languages, and miscellaneous others.  All are aligned closely with CEU’s academic programs.



The CEU Library provides access to an impressive range of e-Journal + e-books A-Z with over 60,000 electronic journals.

Theses and Dissertations

CEU theses and dissertations in print format are available in the CEU Library from 1992 to the present.

Since Academic Year 2006-2007, all candidates for a CEU academic degree are also required to deposit the electronic version of their thesis into CEU’s Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) collection.Central European University is committed to the wide dissemination and preservation of the scholarly material produced by its members.

Environmental collection

The Environmental Collection’s strength is in the areas of environmental economics, ecology, green politics, energy policies, and environmental law.

Law collection

The Law Collection is one of the strongest at CEU. The Collection is not only rich in Anglo-American, comparative and international law but is continually enriched primarily with English language publications supporting the teaching  and research of the CEU Legal Studies Department faculty especially in the fields of human rights, constitutional, and business law.

Medieval collection

The CEU-ELTE Medieval Library is housed in the building of the Faculty of Humanities at Eötvös Loránd University. It functions as an affiliated library of CEU and is open to the general public. It endeavors to support the scholarly work of the faculty and students of both universities with nearly 35,000 volumes.

Russian language collection

The Russian Language Collection includes all monographs in Russian language from the CEU Library collection whose topics are related to courses taught at CEU as well as fiction books. Special emphasis is placed on those titles that have been banned in the Soviet Union. Thus, they were only published in Western countries in very small quantities or remained unpublished until recently. In this respect, the Russian Language Collection is unique in Hungary.


Founded by George Soros in June 1992, the CEU Library is housed in the heart of downtown Budapest and holds one of the largest collections of English-language materials in the social sciences and humanities in Central and Eastern Europe.

The holdings of the Library reflect the extensive and specialized curriculum and research conducted at CEU, initially focusing on subjects that helped develop and sustain open societies in Central and Eastern Europe. These subjects include comparative constitutional and business law, history, environment, democracy, political and cultural pluralism, tolerance, questions of nationalism and ethnicity, and gender studies.

With a broad focus on democratic values, human rights, and open societies worldwide, the collections also support global studies and the increasingly diverse student body and faculty members from over 100 countries.

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