Giving to the library

Donation policy

The CEU Library has benefited greatly from the kind donations of books, journals, and multimedia from faculty, students, and researchers from all over the world. These gifts were integral to building our fine collections that are unparalleled in the region.

As CEU Library, along with the entire campus, enters a new phase of our development, we are unable to accept large donations of physical materials from August 2015 through August 2019. This is the period where the new Library and stacks areas are either being built or renovated. We appreciate your understanding while our space is limited.

We are still eager for your support, and offer these other opportunities for your consideration.

  • Small numbers of books that specifically support current CEU programs.
  • Monetary contributions that support the new CEU Library. Ask for our list of giving opportunities.


To discuss donations of a small number of physical materials that meet our current criteria contact: Vit Lukas, Donations Librarian, Phone: (+36 1) 327-3000/2336, or Diane Geraci, Director, Phone: (+36 1) 327-3012.

To enquire about giving opportunities for the new Library, contact Diane Geraci, Director, (+36 1) 327-3012, or Trisha Tanner, Vice President for Development, (+36 1) 328-3463.