Course Reserves

Information for faculty and students

Course Reserves

CEU Library provides Course Reserves to support faculty instruction for students in specific courses. Course materials (print books, course readers, and DVDs) are available on shelves near the Library Information Desk.

Information for Faculty

How do I put an item on Reserve for my class?
Use the Online Reserve Request form. Please provide complete bibliographic information from the Library Catalog to expedite your request.

When should I submit my course reserve request?
To ensure availability of most items for the first day of classes, submit Reserve requests at least three weeks before your class begins to ensure the materials will be in Budapest or in Vienna. Most reserve items that are already held by the Library can be processed in days. Items that are currently checked out will need to be recalled, and items that the Library does not own will need to be purchased. The Library will rush order items that are in-print, but orders require adequate time for fulfillment.

What type of materials are accepted as a course material?
Physical items (such as books, course readers, DVDs) can be placed on reserve for a course. The item must be owned by the CEU Library. Items obtained via Interlibrary Loan cannot serve as course materials.

What are loan periods for course reserves?
Faculty specify the loan periods for print items: no loan, overnight loan, 7 days, or 90 days.

How do I find out what materials are available on Course Reserve?
On the Library homepage, select the Reserves tab above the search box. Then search by professor or course title.

Information for Students

How do I find books on Course Reserves?
Search the Library catalog by selecting the course Reserve tab on the Library website. Choose either your professor`s name or title of the course.

How do I find Course Readers on Reserve?
Look up the course readers using the Title search field + Professor’s name.

Can I borrow materials on Course Reserves from the Library?
Course materials have a checkout periods defined by professors. The loan periods can be no loan, overnight loan, 7 days or 90 days loan. Overnight loan items may be taken two hours before closing time and are due within an hour after opening time the next day.

My professor said that the assigned reading is on Reserve, but it is not showing in the Library catalog. What should I do?
Contact us for assistance. We can check to see if the item is in process.

Sometimes course materials are made available in ways other than printed materials (e.g. course packs or via the CEU E-learning site (Moodle). Check your syllabus, your course web site, or consult your professor.

Can I do anything to get the items I need put on Course Reserves?
Yes! Please contact your professor. Library materials are put on reserve by faculty request only.


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