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How do I order books for the CEU Library?

Each academic department appoints a faculty member or coordinator to work with the Library to ensure that department’s needs are met.

What happens if I suggest a book online?

All suggestions will be considered as part of our regular selection process and individual departments will be consulted. Submitting your suggestion does not automatically guarantee that your request will be fulfilled. If a student wants to make sure that the suggested book is ordered and purchased he/she should ask the department to place an order with the Library.

How long do I have to wait before the book is received?

Most orders are submitted for purchase within a week of requesting. They are usually received within four to six weeks of ordering. Any book which has been ordered and not yet received by the Library will have an order status message on the catalog record.

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How do I place a rush order?

A rush order should be brought to the attention of Ibolya Csige, acquisitions librarian.  We will try to accommodate you, and we greatly appreciate advance notice. Book suppliers are not always able to respond quickly.

How will I know when ordered books are available?

Please consult the catalog on a regular basis and look for the status “AVAILABLE.” You will only be notified of the arrival of your book if you requested it when you placed your order.

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