Media Hub Guidelines

Rules and guidelines for use

Mirabaud Media Lab Rules

  • Media Lab workstations are to be used only for media production applications, please don’t use them for other activities, such as browsing the internet, checking email, etc.
  • Downloading or installing unauthorized software or other copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not alter a computer’s system configurations or settings. If you have a technical issue related a system configuration or setting contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.
  • Do not disconnect, reconnect or change the configuration of any piece of hardware or peripheral device at an edit station, except for normal use of external hard drives.
  • If something does not work please let the IT Help Desk know immediately.
  • When in the Lab please silence any mobile devices — be courteous to others by not taking any calls in the Lab.
  • Headphone use is required at all times while editing.
  • Students are responsible for storage & backups of their projects after each editing session. All projects and files left on the desktop or a computer’s internal hard drive will be routinely deleted.
  • Please log out when you are finished using the computer.
  • The Lab is a work and study space. Please behave appropriately and do not disturb the work of others.
  • Food is prohibited in the Lab (and the Library), and only beverages with lids that seal are allowed.

Additional safety Protocols due to the Covid-19 situation

  • Edit stations can be booked for two hours at a time, and there is a 15 minute interval between slots to minimize social contact
  • Lab users are required to use the hand sanitizer located outside the entrance to the Lab.
  • Lab users are required to wipe down the keyboard, mouse, chair arm rests and headphones prior to use with the sanitizing wipes available near each edit station.
  • Please respect social distancing requirements while in the lab.

Audio Lab Rules

(coming soon)

Media Equipment Rules


  • Equipment must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance of a desired check out time.
  • Equipment packages may be reserved 1-3 days per week, per project.  Multiple day reservations must be for consecutive days. Reservations on Wednesday or Thursday must return on Friday by 10 am.
  • Reservations will be held for 30 minutes, after which equipment will be made available to others on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • As a courtesy to others, please cancel your reservation if you will not be using the equipment. There is no penalty for cancelling a reservation.
  • Equipment checkout hours are Monday–Friday 9am – 5pm
  • Equipment may only be checked out and returned at the times specified in the equipment reservation. Students must allow time for a thorough check out and check in of all items
  • Please notify the staff immediately of ANY DELAY OR CANCELLATION in the pick-up/return of equipment. We will accommodate to the best of our ability.

Checkout and return procedure

  • It is the User’s responsibility to inspect and test all equipment upon check out. Please notify the staff of anything wrong with the equipment immediately. It will either be replaced or noted so you will not be held responsible for damages.
  • Example of things to check: Camera body and lens condition, record/playback functions, camera functions (zoom, focus, exposure, etc.), microphones and any auxiliary audio devices, controls and locks on tripods and/or stands, test lights and accompanying cables and accessories.
  • All equipment must be returned by the due date & time specified in the reservation, including cabling, batteries etc. All cables must be properly wrapped and gear properly stored in their containers.
  • Equipment malfunctions or damage that occur while the equipment is in the student’s possession must be reported when returning equipment.

Additional safety protocols due to the Covid-19 situation

  • Equipment room staff will wear rubber gloves to handle equipment.
  • Only one user is allowed in the Media Equipment Room at a time. Those waiting to check out should stand in the hallway outside of the room.




Jeremy Braverman Media Hub Head and Media & Visual Education Specialist.
Jeremy oversees all aspects of the media hub including instructional programming.

Thomas Aichinger –  Audio Education Specialist
Thomas oversees the Audio Lab.

Adam Hushegyi – Media Hub Assistant
Adam manages the equipment checkout process.