The CEU Library’s Media Hub and Visual Studies Platform are once again pleased to present our film, photo & audio showcase and celebration of CEU student work.  This year’s event will take place on May 17th at 18:00 at the Blickle Cinema in the Belvedere 21 Museum, and will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers/creators,  and a reception in the Museum’s lobby. Works include documentary and experimental short films and short audio essays/soundscapes. In addition, a slideshow of photos from CEU’s  “Unseen Perspectives” photo exhibition will be shown prior to the event and during the introduction. These projects were made by students from a number of different departments, none of whom are studying filmmaking or audio production as their primary degree, and represent an exceptional body of work that communicates through different media the ideas, concerns and discourses of their artistic and academic interests.  These students come from all over the world and present a unique perspective on both local and international issues. The projects are made in courses that are part of the MA Visual Theory and Practice Advanced Certificate program (VTP), and BA program in Culture, Politics and Society (CPS). They are supported by the expertise and technology resources of the CEU Library’s Media Hub. This event is open to the public. Additional funding for this event is provided by the OSUN Science Shop and University-wide Courses Initiative.