The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (OSA) at CEU is both a “repository of important collections, primarily related to the history of the Cold War and grave international human rights violations, and a laboratory of archival experiments on new ways of assessing, contextualizing, presenting, and making use of archival documents.”

Check out their new web presence and these helpful tools and tips:
OSA Archivum Catalog to search the OSA library holdings, film records, and archival items.
Thematic Guides compiled by staff archivists to provide a point of entry for topical archival holdings.
Curated Collections by OSA staff to bring together OSA and external primary and secondary sources, both digital and analog, concerning particular historical events or phenomena.
Digital Repository for access to online archival collections including interviews with Hungarian refugees in 1956, Polish underground ephemera and periodicals, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports and transcripts, plus much more.