This conference takes place online  27-30 May and 3-6 June 2024. It will feature presentations and discussions on topics such as the use of artificial intelligence in education, its impact on libraries and teaching methods, and strategies for faculty and student success in the digital age. It is particularly relevant for faculty developers, instructional designers, academic technologists and librarians. AMICAL is an association of 28 American-style universities located in 20 countries. It was founded in 2004. AMICAL works together on common goals for libraries, technology and pedagogy at its member institutions. It offers events and resources to advance learning through collaborative development of libraries, learning technologies and curricular resources. This year CEU Library will give a presentation on how the Media Hub helps academics reach broader audiences with the Podcast Workshops, as alternative medium to the traditional channels, lead by Jeremy Braverman, Media Hub Head and Media & Visual Education Specialist and Thomas Aichinger, Audio Education Specialist. Registration is free for CEU members and you can view the schedule here.