Ivett Molnar, Head of Electronic Resources and Services at the CEU Library, was the co-recipient of the 2024 CEU Staff Excellence Award. This award recognizes staff members who drive change and demonstrate excellence in their roles. Ivett’s work, though often behind the scenes, is arguably the backbone of the library’s services, supporting the information needs of the CEU community in numerous ways. As a result of her efforts in negotiating contracts with publishers, CEU provides an impressive collection of over 100 databases, 70,000 online journals, and 230,000 e-books. This collection, enviable even by larger universities, testifies to her exceptional capacity, and her creation of user guides and tutorials, teaching classes and offering consultations – as in the case of both Zotero and VPN – speaks to her commitment to top-notch service delivery. An important accomplishment of hers this academic year was implementing a new document delivery service that emails to students and faculty within minutes, as well as articles published in journals to which CEU does not subscribe. CEU is only the third university in Europe to have implemented this system.  Beyond her day-to-day responsibilities, Ivett has volunteered to support the implementation of two major projects:  The Pure Current Research Information System and the Alma Library management system. Her role in both has been pivotal and will revolutionize how CEU showcases its research and researchers, further fostering an environment of intellectual exchange in the global academic community, both within and beyond CEU. Ivett has worked at the CEU Library for over twenty years, and her work is greatly appreciated by the CEU community.  Please join us in congratulating Ivett on her tremendous accomplishment!